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Our Treatments

Listed below is a comprehensive directory of the laser, clinical and medical aesthetic treatments and procedures offered by Skinsense.

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Laser Hair Removal

Female Laser Hair Removal - All hair colours, skin tones and body areas - including facial hair on dark skin.

Male Laser Hair Removal - More men than you would realise laser away unwanted body hair at Skinsense. As with all our treatments unless you tell them yourself nobody will know.

Botox & Fillers

Botox Treatments - The global #1 anti wrinkle treatment for both men and women. Also good for treating migraines, excessive sweating and some intimate issues.

Dermal Fillers -  With the evolution of facial fillers and injectable filler it would be great resource to add to your cosmetic treatment wish list to remove years from your appearance in just a few minutes.

Weightloss / Fat Reduction
Clinical treatments proven to aid with body fat reduction and weightloss - Two new treatments that can dramatically aid you to shed excess weight and body fat without any side effects. Exclusive to Skinsens in Vanuatu.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture & Cupping
Accupuncture, Cupping, Therapeutic Massage - Traditional therapies professionally performed by Dr Martin Zhao, the only qualified and licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine medical practioner in Vanuatu. Exclusive to Skinsense.

Clinical Facials

Cleanse and Refresh Facial - This facial is suitable for most people. It is light and non invasive and will make your skin purified and revitalised again.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial with Extraction - This is a deep cleanse intensive facial. It will leave your skin deep cleaned, bouncy, refreshed and good as new.

Body Sculpting

Cool Sculpting Fat Reduction - Also known as Lipofreeze, just a single CoolSculpt treatment could results in as much as 27% body fat reduction in the treated area in the weeks following just one treatment.

EMSculpt Body Sculpting - Each 30 minute EMSculpt session is the equivalent of a 5 hour intense gym workout. No gym, no sweat and no pain. Your literally build muscle and burn fat lying down!

EMSlim NEO Body Toning - EMSlim NEO is the new generation of EMSculpt. In addition to the muscle toning function it also has 360' RF fat melting. After as few as 6 half hour sessions you could loose as much as 30% body fat and gain 25% toned muscle mass in the treated area - once again all whilst lying down!

HiFu Cellulite Busting - This intensive HiFu (high frequency ultra sound) treatment has demonstrated the ability to reduce unsightly cellulite whilst toning and firming the skin at the same time to help prevent unwanted stretch marks.

Hydrotherapy Infra Red & Steam Therapy - This relaxing therapy not only helps cleanse your skin of impurities, it also increases your metabolism for increased weight loss which makes it a perfect supplement to EMSculpt, EMSlim and CoolSculpt treatments.

RF Cavitation Body Shaping - RF Cavitation is the perfect treatment to target stubborn body fat in hard to reach areas - especially on the arms, back, flanks and buttocks. Proven long lasting results.

Age Reversal / Anti Aging Treatments

Beauty Boost Super Hydration - Expect a small amount of downtime but the nourished, hydrated and glowing complexion you will have is certainly well worth it.

Skin Booster Serum - Micro cross linked HA with PDRN micro injections for rapid skin hydration, skin repair and overall complexion improvement. A very good and relatively painless treatment that costs less and offers comparative results to the Beauty Boost treatment and Profhilo. Zero downtime and with virtually instant results.
Collagen Lift Serum  - Recombinant Type III Humanized Collagen micro injections to smooth fine lines, repair wrinkles, moisturise and plump the skin leaving it smooth, healthy and looking good. Perfect for lightening dark eye circles, reducing eye bags, shrinking pores and overall skin rejuvenation. Also great for treating acne scars and repearing wounded skin tissue. Zero downtime and with an instant result.
Ultimate Skin Booster Serum  - Combination of recombinant Type III Humanized Collagen, micro cross linked HA and PDRN to smooth fine lines, repair wrinkles, moisturise and plump the skin leaving it smooth, healthy and looking good. Cost of first treatment includes a full vial of serum that is adeqaute for a total of three to four additional treatments at a fraction of the price. Better result compared to Profhilo with zero downtime and an instant long lasting result.

Laser Carbon Peel - One of our most popular treatments the laser carbon peel painlessly exfoliates surface skin whilst stimulating healthy collagen at the same time.

Doublo Gold MFU - Face & Body  - Doublo Gold MFU is the latest non-invasive signature treatment using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound combined with RF technology to penetrate the skin at various depths to produce long-lasting skin tightening and toning. A tighter and firmer skin can be seen immediately after the procedure followed by even more noticeable results that usually last beyond a year with zero side effects or downtime.

HiFu Face Lift - With zero downtime, and no external telltale signs that will give away your secret, the HiFu face lift treatment offers real long lasting results from just one treatment.

Microneedling (aka Vampire Facial) - One of the best treatments for smoothing out acne scars and other blemishes on your skin. Add PRP or PDRN for a Vampire Facial that will nourish your skin and promote faster healing.

IPL Photofacial - A proven treatment to remove ugly sun spots, freckles and age blemishes from your skin anywhere on your body.

Potenza RF Microneedling  - A gold glass treatment to give your skin a massive natural collagen boost that could smooth out fine wrinkles and give your skin a refreshing lift. This treatment most often exceeds expectations making it a Skinsense favourite for both men and women.

RF Skin Tightening - Several RF (radio frequency) treatment options to restore lost elasticity and increase natural collagen to reduce and prevent age lines whilst lifting tired skin at the same time. Zero downtime and immediate visible results.

Biosculpt Stimuli with Serum Induction  The simplest way to describe biosculpt stimuli would be to say it is like taking your face to the gym for an invigorating workout. Biosculpt Stimuli Serum Induction is a painless needle-free treatment proven to help reverse the ageing effects on neck and facial muscle whilst nourishing the skin at the same time.

Clinical Treatments

Acne & Acne Scar Treatment - Effective treatment for active acne and acne scar reduction.

Fibroblast Eyelid Lift - Fast and virtually zero downtime treatment to lift droopy eyelids.

Hair Loss Prevention  - Improved proven treatment with PDRN to stop hair fall and revitalise hair. For men and women.

Milia Seed Removal - Remove unsightly milia (white spots) on your face with just one treatment.

Nail Fungus Treatment - Eradicates and prevents further growth of toe and finger nail fungi.

Skin Tag, Mole & Wart Removal - Usually just one treatment is required to permanently remove these unwanted skin blemishes.

Stretch Mark Reduction & Prevention - Several treatment options to reduce, and prevent, skin stretch marks. For men and women.

Sun & Age Spot Removal - Treatments to remove unsightly sun and age spots from your skin. All body areas. Male and female.

Tattoo Removal - We can remove any tattoo on any skin type.

Xanthelasma Removal - Permanent clinical removal of xanthelasma (yellow fatty deposits around the eyes).

Intimate Treatments

Feminine Rejuvenation - This minimally invasive hifu treatment will tighten the vagina canal, increase natural lubrication and enhance intimate sensitivity whilst reducing involuntary incontinence (urine drip) at the same time.

Gainswave Therapy - Gainswave is a proven aesthetic clinical treatment used to address poor penile circulation, the most common cause of male erectile dysfunction. It is also one of the very few non-surgical treatments to address soft tissue and arterial plaque that causes Pyronie's (curvature of the penis).

P.Shot for Erectile Dysfunction - Skinsense is pleased to offer the revolutionary drug free non surgical P.Shot (Priapus Shot) treatment to men who may be experiencing the demoralising effects of erectile dysfunction. This treatment is also for men of all ages who simply desire to prevent erectile dysfunction, augment, improve and enhance their private intimate life.

EMS Pelvic Muscle Treatment - The new generation EMSculpt Pelvic Seat used by Skinsense can train the pelvic floor muscle culture in such a way that incontinence is avoided or alleviated, prolapse is reduce or prevented, and vaginal health greatly improved. Erection problems or premature ejaculation in men can also be remedied and improved. It is completely non-invasive (nothing is inserted inside you and you keep your clothes on) and it achieves the same, if not better, results than Kegel exercise and traditional intravaginal or rectal EMS.

Hemorrhoid Banding - A discrete and confidential treatment to remove unwanted external hemorrhoids. Just one treatment is required. For male and female.

As the only aesthetics clinic in Vanuatu with correctly qualified medically trained and certificated experienced medical aesthetic clinicians our clients are always assured of proper and safe treatments. It also goes without saying that absolute patient confidentiality at Skinsense is always totally assured.

As Skinsense is registered as a medical service provider clients who have the benefit of medical insurance may be able to recover the cost of many treatments offered by Skinsense when prescribed by one our consulting doctors, their own doctor, or without any prescription if their insurance covers alternative or preventative treatments.

Skinsense clinicians speak and offer service in English, French, Bislama and Afrikaans.

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