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Clincal Body Fat Reduction

FAT-X Peptide

Fat-X is the new cosmetic fat reduction micro injectable treatment for reducing the cellulite and body fat that everyone is talking about.

The immediate effect of Fat-X is to trigger a natural lipolytic reaction that transforms lipidic deposits in fatty acids which are then naturally excreted by the body.

At the same time, Fat-X has a firming re-densifying effect that impedes any possible flaccid effect on skin caused by fatty deposit reduction (aka orange peel) and reduces your appetite whilst increasing your metabolism.

Suitable Candidates for Fat-X Treatment

Fat-X treatment is safe for otherwise healthy men and women of any age experiencing difficulty with weight gain, body fat reduction and persons who may not be enjoying the expected benefit of a healthy diet and exercise.

How Is It Administered

Fat-X is injected directly into the belly, arm or buttock using a very fine syringe (same size syringe that is used for Botox) making it a relatively painless and fast procedure. The serum does not sting or cause any discomfort in the injection area.

How Many Treatments Are Required

On average six to eight weekly treatments are all that are required to assist the patient achieve their desired result.

For faster and more dramatic results Fat-X treaments may be alternated or combined with our lipolytic fat disolving serum treatment listed below.

Diet and Exercise

Fat-X does not replace a healthy balanced diet and exercise but it can massively reduce the time needed for your diet and exercise regimen to achieve your desired result.

What's In Fat-X Serum

Fat-X's organic formulation is based on biometric peptides, mitochondrial energetic precursors, lipolytic chain mediators and deoxycholic acid.

How Much Does it Cost

Each Fat-X treatment costs 13,500vt.

If you purchase a pre-paid package of four treatments when completing your first treatment the cost may be reduced by 25% with our buy 3 get 1 free promotion.

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Fat Disolving Lipolytic Treatment

Fat Disolving Lypolytic treatment consists of multiple mico injections directly into the the fatty tissue that you wish to reduce.

The effect of the serum is to disolve and permanently remove body fat in the injected area. The solution will dissolve the fat cells, which then undergo degradation and absorption by the body over a length of 4 - 6 weeks.

Although any body area may be treated the most frequently treated areas are belly, chin, arm and knee fat.

The therapy is not intended as a means of weight reduction but is a way of getting rid of unwanted localized deposits of fat.

How Does It Work

Injections of fat-dissolving solution into the affected area achieves a permanent reduction in fat deposits, especially in those places that cannot be speifcally targeted by dieting or exercise.

The rich L-carnitine in the fat disolve serum formula is an essential ingredient in weight loss. It is a fat burner that can deeply dissolve inaccessible stubborn fat areas and burn fat quickly. Organic silica hydrates, renews and regenerates cells and improves the syrthesis of collagen.

The treatment is gentle, virtually pain-free, low in risk, and does not take long. Pre or post-treatment is not necessary. Two to four sessions 4-6 weeks apart are expected for best results that you should see within five weeks of your first treatment.

Suitable Candidates for Fat Disolve Treatment

Fat Disolving Lipolytic treatment is suitable for otherwise healthy persons unable to get rid of stubborn body fat by following conventional weightloss / fat reduction methods.

It is NOT suitable for persons with cardio vascular disease, high cholesterol, liver or kidney conditions.

How Much does It Cost

The cost of the lipolytic fat disolving injections is 18,000vt per 5ml vial of serum used.


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